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Route of the Maya 2010

This trip documents my Route of the Maya journey that started on July 21st in El Salvador, went to Honduras, spend most of the time in Guatemala, and ended in Belize. I took this trip with along with 14 other people I had never met before. It turned out to be a life enhancing experience and delivered what our trip leader promised, "a cultural shower."

Route of the Maya Travel Journal

These versions are good for viewing on screen. I had to compress the photos, so they won't print well.


Maximon Ritual

Maximon Ritual

Santiago, Guatemala, Ritual by Shaman Nicholas with Maximon helping us to have safe passage through our Route of the Maya journey

Chicken Bus Movie 01

Chicken Bus in Guatemala-shows the agility that the door man on the chicken bus must have to be successful in this business - and not get run over! There is more info about chicken buses in my travel journal.

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